How to firm & tone your skin with facial rolling

What is a crystal facial roller?

A crystal facial roller is a beauty tool that has been used for facial massaging in East Asia since the 7th century. High quality rollers feature heads made from genuine pure crystal and are designed to roll over the skin. Some rollers have just 1 large oval-shaped head and others have 2 different heads (one on each end) which includes a smaller crystal head that’s designed for the delicate under eye area. 

Our Rose Quartz Facial Roller features the 2 heads and the crystal is 100% natural Rose Quartz crystal.

The benefits of using a roller daily

Incorporating facial rolling into your daily ritual has a multitude of benefits both for your wellbeing and for your skin! Setting aside just 5 minutes a day to massage your face with the roller allows you to slow down and nurture yourself, while benefiting your skin’s health and appearance: 

  • Visibly de-puffs the skin
  • Firms and contours the skin
  • Smoothes the overall skin tone
  • Improves the penetration of serums
  • Releases muscle tension and restores a youthful glow

    Prepping your skin before rolling

    Our Facial Roller was designed to be used with our face oil elixir Restore Serum. As with all rituals, we recommend cleansing your skin first with the Radiance Cream Cleanser or Purifying Gel Cleanser and Cotton Muslin Cloth to remove makeup, surface pollution and excess oils. We also recommend exfoliating your skin with the Refining Face Polish after cleansing (1-2 times per week), to draw out excess dirt and impurities.

    Once your skin is freshly cleansed and exfoliated, apply your Kakadu Brightening Serum first to allow the active vitamin C ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin. 

    How to use the facial roller

    To begin your rolling ritual, apply Restore Serum to your face & neck, then massage any leftover serum onto your roller head for a smooth glide over the skin. 

    With the large roller head, gently roll in light sweeping movements starting with the neck up to the chin, followed by the jawline, cheeks, upper lip and then the forehead. Always roll from the center of your face, rolling gently outward and upward.

    With the smaller under-eye roller head, roll along the under-eye area, starting from inner to outer eye area. Use soft pressure and a gentle motion.

    We have included a ritual guide in our Skin Radiance Ritual Duo which outlines the recommended rolling movements in detail.

    Incorporating facial rolling into your daily self-care ritual will greatly improve your skin tone and reduce puffiness, while allowing a few moments of deep breathing to decompress and reset.


    "A luxurious skin food, that I noticed a significant difference in the feel & texture of my skin in just a week."

    - Elizabeth P.