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Why do I need to use a specific eye cream?
The skin around our eye area is super delicate, thin and often a little more sensitive than the rest of our face. There’s also less oil glands in this area, so the skin doesn’t produce much sebum (the skin’s natural oil) which is why it’s the first area to show signs of age. 

Can I just use my face moisturiser around my eye area too?
To improve the skin concerns around our eye area such as dark circles, puffiness and fine lines & wrinkles (often described as ‘Crows Feet’), it’s important to draw on the power of our Firming Eye Contour Cream as it’s specifically formulated to address these concerns, that other areas of our face don’t experience.

How much should I use? I seem to end up with too much at a time.
We suggest gently pressing your finger to release just half a pump! A tiny pea sized amount is all you need, a little goes a long way. If you squeeze out a little too much, don’t stress - your lip contours could do with the extra dose of hydration too!

Is this product safe when pregnant & breastfeeding?
Yes! In fact, our entire range is loved by pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, if you do have any concerns, we suggest consulting further with your medical professional as every individual is unique.

When do I apply my Firming Eye Contour Cream?
We recommend applying Firming Eye Contour Cream daily, in the AM + PM. Visit our layering guide to see when, how often and which order to apply your product/s.