Our Inspiration

It is with this same passion that we created the award-winning and much-loved, Gaia Retreat & Spa, the barefoot luxury sanctuary in the beautiful Bundjalung hinterland of Byron Bay. A haven dedicated to nurturing and inspiring you to be free. Free to surrender, rejuvenate and be in joy, in body, mind and spirit.

“I instantly fell in love with the land that has become Gaia’s home. On the hilltop I felt such an incredible energy, I knew it was a very special healing place.”
Olivia Newton-John.

Our Spirit

From high on the shire’s peak, looking out over the rolling green hills to the sparkling ocean of Byron Bay, the healing capital of Australia, the beauty can take your breath away.
The harmonic frequency to nurture, rebalance and restore pulses through the Retreat, singing from the heart of Gaia through her land’s ancient songlines and spirit. It is felt by every guest.

Our Spa

Pulsing at the heart of Gaia Retreat is the Gaia Spa.

The gifted therapists of Gaia craft timeless natural beauty and wellness treatments into age-defying rituals of loving transformation.

Gaia Spa’s timeless beauty rituals create beautiful results by combining transformative facials and targeted body masques, with sophisticated wellness protocols such as facial lift acupuncture, yoga, meditation and beauty from the inside out naturopathy.

Gaia Spa’s transformational secrets are infused into our natural,
pure performance skincare.

Timeless Beauty Rituals

Retreatment’s daily rituals remind and guide us to surrender our stress, relax our emotions, inspire our spirit, love and appreciate our bodies.

Taking a little time every day to nurture our precious self, helps us to stay poised, centred and calm, with more joy to share with others and, importantly, for ourselves.