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What’s the difference between Ultra Rich Moisturiser and Light Hydrating Moisturiser?
Good question! Both of our moisturisers are formulated with an abundance of complex phyo-actives that are renowned for their hydrating, healing and anti-ageing properties. Our Light Hydrating Moisturiser is a light-weight formula that’s perfect for oily and combination skin types or those seeking a moisturiser for the day. While our Ultra Rich Moisturiser is more of a heavy-weight moisturiser that’s best suited to normal, dry and mature skin types or those seeking an intensive night cream. 

Can I use this moisturiser if I have breakouts?
Light Hydrating Moisturiser is perfect for oily, acne or breakout prone skin. This lightweight hydrator was especially formulated to help balance your skin’s oil production and moisture levels without congesting the pores.

Is this product safe when pregnant & breastfeeding?
Yes! In fact, our entire range is loved by pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, if you do have any concerns, we suggest consulting further with your medical professional as every individual is unique.

When do I apply my Light Hydrating Moisturiser?
We recommend applying Light Hydrating Moisturiser daily, in the AM + PM. Visit our layering guide to see when, how often and which order to apply your product/s.