When my friends and I founded Gaia Retreat & Spa we did it with a passion to create a place of beauty that was nurturing and gentle on the soul.

As Gaia became that special place I dreamt of an equally beautiful, nurturing skincare that really worked!

Retreatment is that dream product. A product that is gentle on our skin and bodies, calming and uplifting for the spirit, kind to mother earth and harms no living creatures.

We consulted with the top natural skincare experts and scientists and formulated pure performance skincare, a natural luxury that evokes the blissful sense of a Gaia spa ritual. An actual Gaia retreatment every day at home!

Love and light,

"I believe timeless beauty comes from the heart. Retreatment comes from the heart of Gaia and is dedicated to the most beautiful timeless you."


There is not one word that fully describes Olivia, or her contribution to the world. Yes, she’s an exceptionally talented Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Author, Wellness Warrior, Environmental and Animal...

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