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Article: Are you missing out on the incredible benefits of Kakadu Plum?

Are you missing out on the incredible benefits of Kakadu Plum?

Are you missing out on the incredible benefits of Kakadu Plum?

Australian’s very own Native plant, Kakadu Plum contains the world’s richest source of natural Vitamin C. In fact, it measures up to 100 times the Vitamin C content of an orange! But it’s important to understand that depending on the source and the extraction process used, your skin might not be benefiting from all of it’s incredible features.


Firstly, let’s dig a little deeper into this National Native treasure…

The botanical name is “Terminalia ferdinandiana” and there may be as many indigenous names for the Kakadu Plum as there are native languages spoken in the northern parts of Australia…  Murunga, Marnybi or Gubinge are just a few of the words used for this small, sweet and sour plum.

Traditional owners consider Kakadu Plum to be a gift from the Dreamtime and have known of its medicinal value and health promoting properties for thousands of years. This beautiful, oval shaped and bright green fruit is no bigger than an olive and is said to have a sour taste, only sweetening a little once ripened and fallen off the broad, green leaved shrub like tree.

Kakadu Plum is found naturally in open woodlands across northern Australia such as the Kimberly region, Northern Territory and Arnhem Land. It has been growing isolated and undisturbed by civilisation in these pristine tropical ecosystems for centuries and developed complex adaptation skills to store vast amounts of phyto-compounds to survive extreme conditions such as heat, drought, UV exposure, high winds and flood…This resilient behaviour is exactly why it provides optimal nutrition and protection for our skin.


The wonders of the Kakadu Plum derived Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is said to be one of the most potent antioxidants, essential in collagen synthesis, an effective anti-inflammatory and is even known to diminish pigmentation. Anyone serious about their skin care routine would want to reach for a product with Kakadu Plum because of it’s Vitamin C potency. It’s a gem for so many reasons and is known to: 

  • Have skin brightening benefits
  • Support collagen and elastin
  • Visibly firm and minimise the appearance of wrinkles
  • Target the appearance of hyperpigmentation (sun spots)
  • Deliver potent anti-inflammatory benefits


Extraction is key!

When choosing between natural Vitamin C and Ascorbic Acid (its synthetic name), most of us would rather reach for the plant derived form… It has been known to last longer in the body and is absorbed more slowly, therefore it stays available for our cells for longer, making it more effective.

Unfortunately, past attempts to capture this sought-after antioxidant from nature have done so poorly, because naturally derived Vitamin C can be highly unstable and quickly oxidises, meaning it loses its potency in water within minutes.

We’re so proud of our products containing Kakadu Plum because the ingredient is extracted using a groundbreaking method! The Cellular Extraction™ Technology is a new and rapid process that delivers the first natural and bio-available Vitamin C that is stable for over 24 months. It preserves the natural molecule in a True to Nature form, locking in all those valuable nutrients so that they can be absorbed into our skin. 


Ahead of the rest...

When developing our products, effectiveness was key. When we discovered and tested the ingredients sourced from the Cellular Extraction™ Technology, our products instantly came to life and ticked all the boxes! The end product? A product with the longest lasting, most potent, water-soluble, natural vitamin C extract available!

If you want to add the nutrients of Kakadu Plum into your skincare ritual, we suggest starting with our Brightening Set. It features our Instant Glow Masque (75ml), Kakadu Brightening Serum (25ml) and a bonus soft 100% cotton muslin face cloth!



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