Holiday overindulgence: 3 simple ways to reverse the effects

Has the holiday overindulgence left your skin feeling dull and showing signs of dehydration and blemishes? Throughout the weeks of Christmas and New Year, the socialising, events and lack of routine may have impacted your daily rituals, and the skin can start to show signs of this… Don’t stress though, with a little extra TLC you can have your healthy glow back in no time! 


#1- Reverse those new sugar habits

If your favourite kind of indulgence involves a lot of sugary treats, it’s likely that blemishes have started to show on your skin as a result. The best way to eliminate the build-up in your system is to go back to basics with your diet - sticking to vegetables and protein while cutting sugar out of your diet completely for a week will improve your skin. 

To help improve your skin at this time, we suggest using the Instant Glow Face Masque 1-2 times per week. This masque contains naturally derived AHAs from fruit acids and Papaya enzymes that will gently exfoliate and renew the skin without aggravating any blemishes.

Firming Eye Contour Cream

#2 - Catch up on lost sleep

Social events can result in a lack of sleep, but the overall effects of the holiday indulgence on your body can also impact on your sleep patterns. Once things have settled down a little, it’s time to catch up on the lost beauty sleep and retrain yourself back into regular bed-time patterns. 

If your eyes are showing the signs of sleep loss, including dark circles and bags under the eyes or puffiness around the whole area, the Firming Eye Contour Cream will be your saviour! Applying this gently to your eye area in the morning and evening will visibly firm and de-puff, while improving skin tone and smoothing away fine lines.


#3 - Rehydrate your body & skin 

If you haven’t stayed on top of your regular daily water intake, or you’ve overindulged with sugary / alcoholic beverages, your body will be dehydrated and as a result, and you may notice your complexion has lost its lustre and glow. Replenish your body with plenty of glasses of water a day and take a break from coffee and caffeinated teas to avoid further dehydration. 

It’s also important to supplement your skin’s lost hydration with skincare that's designed to replenish lost moisture. Our Ageless AHA Glow Concentrate not only resurfaces your skin texture and tone for the post-holiday skin detox, but it's also a skin super-hydrator! 

Plus, our ultra-strength vitamin C serum Kakadu Brightening Serum is packed with Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid to provide your skin with deep, calming hydration. A bonus is that your skin will love the vitamin C to target any sunspots, uneven skin tone and blemishes from the holiday season and sun exposure.

It’s totally okay and normal to overindulge in the festive times, and it’s important to not feel down about it... But there’s no doubt that once you’ve enjoyed those moments, your body and skin will thank you for getting back on track.


"A luxurious skin food, that I noticed a significant difference in the feel & texture of my skin in just a week."

- Elizabeth P.