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Article: Interview: Juliet Allen, Leading Sexologist

Interview: Juliet Allen, Leading Sexologist

Interview: Juliet Allen, Leading Sexologist

Juliet Allen is Australia’s leading sexologist, qualified yoga teacher and trained Kundalini Tantra practitioner, with a background in psychology.

Juliet has created an inspiring brand focused on empowering people to live a sexually fulfilled life, so we took the opportunity to ask a few questions and dig deeper into the benefits of daily rituals...

As a leading Sexologist, you’re empowering women all around the globe to embrace their sexuality and guiding them to transform their sex and relationships, what led you to this career and ignited this passion in you? 

Since I can remember I’ve always been really interested in sex - I spent hours as a young woman reading and researching sex and relationships and was always the friend people came to when they needed support or advice in this area of their lives. After school I studied psychology, and then went on to study Yoga, opening a Kid’s Yoga business, but after a few years of that, I knew there was something more. And so I enrolled in a Masters in sexology and as soon as I began the course, I felt right at home … I guess you could say I had found one of my true purposes in life (that, and motherhood!)

I can honestly say I absolutely LOVE what I do - empowering people to embrace their sexual energy and sexuality, and working as a sexologist, it fills me up and I’ve been fortunate enough to build two successful and inspiring businesses that are thriving as a result.

Juliet Allen Leading Sexologist

You’re a Mother of a beautiful teenage daughter, do you have any tips for other parents on how to navigate through these years and how to open up the conversations surrounding sex and relationships?

My biggest piece of advice is to work on our own ‘stuff’ that gets in the way of us enjoying and embracing a healthy sex life as parents. Kids learn from what they witness from their parents, so if they grow up in a household that prioritises intimacy and connection, and with parents who are comfortable talking about it openly … well that’s the best gift we can give them.

I have recorded podcast episodes about this topic that will help parents navigate this often challenging time:

As a natural spa-quality skincare brand, we love empowering people to create daily self-care rituals and truly bask in their skincare, do you believe that taking the time out to relax and nurture ourselves enhances sexual energy?

Without a doubt, yes! The best thing we can do for ourselves is commit to daily rituals that support us to connect deeply with our body, heart space and sexual energy. A simple morning ritual such as a breast massage after a shower is the perfect example that I personally do each day. It doesn’t have to be ‘sexual’, but if it allows us to intentionally take time out (even if it’s just 5 mins) to connect with ourselves, then it will most definitely have a flow on effect and enhance our sexual energy.
Juliet Allen Sexologist Interview

How can we all live a sexually fulfilled life throughout ALL stages of life, including throughout the menopausal transition and after?

Oh wow, that’s a big question that would take me days to answer if I could! I believe the best thing we can do is commit to ‘doing the work’ on ourselves, so to speak. For me, this looks like regular therapy, surrounding myself with sexually empowered people and educating myself about all-things sex. Therapy is awesome because it supports us to move through blockages that we have (usually from childhood) that stop us from truly feeling sexually free and empowered. Once we move through those blockages and heal from past trauma, then we can enjoy lifelong sexual fulfilment.

I also value health a lot - when we begin to think about our sexual health in a holistic way, we can see the value in looking after all aspects of our health, because everything contributes to our sexual vigour and fulfilment! I talk about this heaps in Pleasure School, which is an online school I created that covers holistic sexual education in a really fun and enjoyable way.

Who would you say are two of your greatest inspirations and why?

My daughter - birthing her 15 years ago was a big turning point for me in my life, and having her in my life is what inspires me to be the woman I have become. I strive to be a great example for my children so that they too can experience the freedom and joy that I experience in my life. 

My partner, Nick. I admire Nick a lot - he’s a wonderful partner and amazing practitioner in the work he chooses to do in the world. Every single day I can honestly say I am inspired by his commitment to showing up - for himself, for his family and for random strangers in the street! He loves to love and that inspires me a lot. 

You can discover more of Juliet's teachings by visiting her website or her Instagram @juliet_allen

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