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Article: Our Favourites This Month (December)

Our Favourites This Month (December)

Our Favourites This Month (December)

We have reached the final ‘Things We Love’ edition for 2020 ~ we hope you’ve been loving this series, we absolutely love sharing our favourites with you!

Here are a few of our favourite things that we are loving!


Mr Consistent Cocktail Mix Sours


Cocktail Mixes by Mr Consistent

With the holiday season nearing, we are getting prepared for plenty of social gatherings and of course, Christmas Day! I always look for healthier alternatives, even throughout the indulging season, which is why I’m loving Mr Consistent’s handmade cocktail mixes that feature only fresh ingredients… The best part is that they taste restaurant quality! My favourite is the Sours Mix.

Byron Bay Hanging Chair


Lucy Love Seat by Byron Bay Hanging Chairs

I have recently added the Lucy Love seat hanging chair to my outdoor space and it has been the perfect addition to my relaxation area! I enjoy my tea here each morning, it has become a self-care ritual and allows me to ground myself before I start each day. I have also been enjoying the gentle sway of the chair whilst working from home during the last few months.

Temple of the sun jewellery


Jewellery by Temple of The Sun

You’ll rarely see me without a Temple Of The Sun necklace on! I love that the materials are sustainably sourced and every product is such beautiful quality, and long-lasting. The delicate designs are inspired by art, nature and handcrafted.

Insite Mind affirmation cards


Oh Happy Day Affirmation Cards by Insite Mind

These beautiful little affirmation cards sit on my bedside table and every morning I like to randomly select a card of the day. Today’s affirmation is “positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences”. I didn’t realise the true power of affirmations until I began affirming these cards everyday and oh what a difference it can make. Just one positive happy thought in the morning really can change the way you feel and respond to circumstances throughout the day.

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