Our Favourites This Month (February)

Our team has been pretty excited to jump into the new year and get back on track after the holiday season! After a month back in the office together we’ve been sharing our favourite finds with one another… So here’s what we are loving this month.



Over the past few chaotic months, my daily rituals have taken a back seat at times. So, entering into 2021, I’ve been sure to prioritise my morning exercise & mindfulness before I set my sights on anything else! I’ve recently joined Glo which is an online subscription for yoga, meditation, pilates & fitness classes and I’ve been loving the classes! I can access them from any device and I find the huge library of workouts challenging and different every time.


Lately I started Journaling to gather my thoughts. I was drawn to the beautifully designed Milligram notebooks and was so surprised when they arrived! Very simple, yet luxurious with a really cool texture. As a designer, stationary takes me back to my childhood. I had a huge collection of notebooks, cards & pens. This really reminds me to connect to myself and enjoy my innate need for aesthetics.


I have started to be more conscious about what I am buying and how much... When I saw this vase, it instantly gave me a warming happy feeling and I knew It had to be a new addition to my collection. I use this vase for my dried flowers and it brings me joy in my home everyday. It also has a beautiful story behind it, as it’s made in one of Japan's oldest Kilns!


This month I have begun enjoying this yummy granola, it’s an excellent source of fibre to support good gut health and I have noticed how improving my diet has positively affected my state of mind. Taking time in the busy morning rush for a proper nutritional breakfast prepares me for my day ahead both physically and mentally. I love that I am supporting a local brand and that the products are baked here in Byron Bay.


"A luxurious skin food, that I noticed a significant difference in the feel & texture of my skin in just a week."

- Elizabeth P.