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Article: Our Favourites This Month (March)

Our Favourites This Month (March)

Our Favourites This Month (March)

We’ve been loving exploring around our local Northern Rivers area and seeing all the new Autumn arrivals… It’s not hard to fall in love with new things when there is so much talent and beauty surrounding us!


 Crystal Water Bottle


I have been making a conscious effort to drink more water each day to help rehydrate my skin, and I’ve been loving this bottle for helping me to do this! I love the crystal feature as it helps to infuse my water, balancing and restoring my body. This month I have been using my amethyst crystal, it helps provide clarity and bring calmness to each day.
Poise soy candle


I walked into a local Byron shop recently and was greeted with this candle scent ~ I fell in love instantly. The dreamy blend of earthy & woody tones just warmed my soul, and now it compliments our relaxed home just perfectly!
Eco Friendly Razor


This month I have made the decision to switch to an Eco Friendly Safety Razor and ditch the plastic! The razor is super smooth and has dramatically reduced any skin irritations that I found I was experiencing with the plastic razors. I love how cost effective these razors are and that I am also doing a little bit more to help save the planet.
Storage Box with Mirror Ikea


Changes of season inspires me to tidy up and shift my home. I love this little new addition... The scandi style of this box looks great and ticks the box of function as it fits all my skincare and makeup.

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Healthy Vegan Breakfast Cookies

Healthy Vegan Breakfast Cookies

Prep these healthy cookies on the weekends for a mid-week breakfast or snack on-the-go!

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Our Favourites This Month (April)

Our Favourites This Month (April)

Our teams favourite items this April.

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