Lift and Define 3D Facial Roller

Lift & Define 3D Facial Roller features two unique 3D sculpted spheres made from pure Rose Quartz crystal. This tool takes facial rolling to a new level as the spheres move and roll at 360 degrees to grip your facial tissue, visibly lifting & firming the skin and reducing puffiness and water retention.
Pure rose quartz crystal
360° rolling faceted spheres
Unique y shape for jawline lift
amplifies facial rolling results

The unique ‘Y’ shape is perfect for sculpting along the chin, helping to lift the jawline. Incorporating this roller into your daily ritual will promote circulation and support lymphatic drainage.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Visibly lifts and firms the skin
  • Reduces puffiness and water retention
  • Sculpts and lifts the jawline
  • Promotes circulation and blood flow
  • Relaxes facial muscle tension
  • Improves the absorption of skincare products

You feel the tension in your facial muscles relax immediately while your skin is sculpted, benefiting from the results of a professional deep targeted massage at home. 

Rose Quartz symbolises unconditional love and positive energy, bringing self-love into your skincare ritual. 

Manual card is included for instructions on how to use.

What area of my face would benefit most from this roller?
Everywhere! This roller will tone the facial tissue for a more youthful appearance, increase blood flow and visibly reduce any puffiness. We also love this roller for it's ability to 'hug' the jawline to really lift and firm that area.

Do I use the roller on freshly cleansed skin?
Our Lift & Define 3D Facial Roller is designed to be used with Restore Serum, our face oil elixir. Once you’ve cleansed your skin and applied your Kakadu Brightening Serum, you can then enjoy your rolling ritual with the Restore Serum.

How often do I need to roll?
You will see maximum results in your skin by rolling daily, for 10-15 minutes at a time. We love incorporating rolling into our morning or evening rituals, with some of our team doing it while watching TV and others enjoying it with their morning tea / coffee.

What's the difference between this roller and your other facial rollers?
This roller is crafted to fit into the natural grooves and contours of your face, and the
 sculpted sphere balls that rotate 360° amplify the traditional benefits you see from face rolling. The unique Y shape also makes it an excellent roller for targeting the jawline area, helping to combat the effects of gravity, firming the skin and boosting its elasticity.

What is the roller made from?
The spheres are made from pure rose quartz crystal and the handle is made from rose gold plated zinc alloy.

Targeted benefits

Visibly lifts and firms the skin
Sculpts and lifts the jawline
Reduces puffiness and water retention
Promotes circulation and blood flow
Improves the absorption of skincare products
Healthy, luminous and firm skin

"After using this roller consistently for a couple of weeks, I noticed huge improvements in the overall firmness of my skin... Not as puffy!"

- Elanor P

how to use

the ritual

The Lift & Define 3D Facial Roller is designed to be used with our face oil elixir, Restore Serum.

Apply Restore Serum to your face and neck, then massage any leftover serum onto your roller heads for a smooth glide over the skin.

A complete step-by-step ritual guide is included in the roller box.

For ultimate benefits, we recommend rolling daily for 10-15 minutes in the AM and PM.

See layering guide

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