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I have dry & mature skin, is it best to not use a clay based masque?
There are a lot of drying clay masques out there, which is exactly why we took years to carefully formulate our Instant Glow Face Masque. We wanted to ensure ALL skin types could benefit from this spa-in-a-tube. It renews and replenishes your skin to deliver instant luminosity and hydration. 

Does this masque dry hard on the skin and crack?
No. This luxurious mask is comfortable on the skin and doesn’t crack or dry hard - so you can enjoy a soothing experience and know that your skin is being hydrated at the same time?

Can I use this masque when my skin has hormonal pimples?
Absolutely! In fact, Instant Glow Face Masque will be your new best friend… The gently exfoliating AHAs derived from fruit acids and papaya enzymes eat away at your dead skin cells and clears congested pores. It’s also the best spot treatment, just dab a small amount to your blemish and you’ll see improvements. 

Is this product safe when pregnant & breastfeeding?
Yes! In fact, our entire range is loved by pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, if you do have any concerns, we suggest consulting further with your medical professional as every individual is unique.

When do I apply my Instant Glow Face Masque?
We recommend applying Instant Glow Face Masque once weekly (whatever time you desire!) Visit our layering guide to see when, how often and which order to apply your product/s.