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Can I use Restore Serum if I have oily skin?
We love this question! Short answer, yes - oily skin NEEDS oil. Oily skin is often dehydrated, so the skin produces an excess of sebum (the skin’s natural oil) to compensate for the lack of hydration. Applying an oil based product to your skin will help balance out your skin’s natural oil levels. It’s important for us to note that not all face oils are going to be perfect for oily skin - the botanical ingredients in our Restore Serum contain nourishing yet lightweight oils that mimic the skin’s natural oils, so your skin is able to recognise and absorb them easily to regulate.

I have such dry skin but I’m yet to find a face oil that actually soaks into the skin, they all sit on the top, am I doing something wrong?
We aren’t surprised that you have trouble finding a serum that works for your dry skin, as it's extremely hard to find an oil serum that soaks in deeply and actually hydrates your thirsty, dry skin! Our Restore Serum is full of vitamins, omegas and natural ingredients and is a saviour for dry skin as it soaks in beautifully and replenishes your skin’s natural oils. Also ensure you’re gently exfoliating your skin 1-2 times per week to remove the dead cells from the skin’s surface, which will allow your skincare products to penetrate deep into the skin.

What’s the difference between Restore Serum & Kakadu Brightening Serum?
Restore Serum is our nourishing oil elixir that’s packed with over 15 nutrient dense plant oils, delivering an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants deep into the skin cells. Kakadu Brightening Serum is our lightweight, hydrating oil-free serum that packs an intense vitamin C punch, as well as a boost of hydration. We recommend using both serums together (Kakadu Brightening Serum first and then Restore Serum) as they have different benefits and will replenish both your moisture AND oil levels.

Why do I need to use a serum?
Serums are an essential step for optimal skin health and achieving maximum results. Serums contain the highest levels of active and super-concentrated nutrients that deliver the ultimate boost of intensive moisture, vitamins and antioxidants to target your skin concerns while minimising the signs of ageing. Serums are also perfect for replenishing our skin’s natural oils and moisture levels that deplete with age.

Is this product safe when pregnant & breastfeeding?
Yes! In fact, our entire range is loved by pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, if you do have any concerns, we suggest consulting further with your medical professional as every individual is unique.

When do I apply my Restore Serum?
We recommend applying Restore Serum daily, in either AM + PM or just PM. You may also reapply throughout the day if your skin craves more. Visit our layering guide to see when, how often and in which order to apply all your product/s.