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What's included in the set?
The Sculpt & Lift Vibration Roller set is packaged in a beautiful, premium black box and includes:
1 x Micro Vibrating Face Roller
1 x Rose Quartz Large Roller Head
1 x Rose Quartz Under-Eye Roller Head
1 x User Manual & Ritual Guide 

What's the benefit of the vibration? Is it harsh on the skin?
The vibration is a soft yet effective 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute. The vibrations stimulate blood flow and improves skin circulation, resulting in reduced redness and a firmer skin.

How does it improve my puffy eyes?
Included in the set is an additional under-eye roller head, specifically designed for the delicate eye area and reduces puffiness and dark circles.

What battery do I need?
AA battery is required (not included), we suggest using a rechargeable to minimise wastage.