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Article: 5 tips to say goodbye to flaky, dry winter skin!

5 tips to say goodbye to flaky, dry winter skin!
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5 tips to say goodbye to flaky, dry winter skin!

All of a sudden winter is here and those warm summer days are (unfortunately) behind us! The constant heating, lower humidity, hot showers and harsh cool winds can start to take a toll on our skin by stripping it of moisture. Thankfully though, our skin has a way of sending subtle hints so that we can give it the extra nourishment & hydration that it needs to get through the winter season.

Here’s our top 5 tips for fighting back against the effects of winter on your skin, it’s time to bring back that supple, hydrated glow!

#1 - Say no to steaming hot showers (as tempting as it is!)

We totally understand that one of the greatest feelings at the end of a cold winter’s day is to immerse your body into a steaming hot shower or bath (hello tingly toes!)... However, this is one of the quickest ways to dehydrate and inflame your skin, zapping it of all its moisture. Try to keep the water temp on the warmer side (while still feeling comfortable) to give your skin a better chance of preserving its hydration. 

#2 - Gently pat your skin dry

Vigorously rubbing your face and body with your towel may get you into your warm clothes sooner, but your winter skin craves a soft patting movement to dry. The harsh rubbing will break the already dry and suffering skin, causing itchy, flaking & irritated skin. Just as you take the time in your skincare rituals, take the time to dry yourself slowly and gently. Investing in a super smooth towel will also do wonders for your dry skin, we’re loving the Ettitude Organic Bamboo Waffle Towel - so soft and comforting on the skin. 

#3 - Apply moisturiser as soon as you’ve dried your skin

After every shower, as soon as you’ve patted your skin dry, apply the Wild Kakadu Hand & Body Cream all over your body and hands prior to dressing. The Aloe Vera, Shea & Cacao butters will hydrate and nourish the skin, locking in moisture to get you through the day of harsh weather. To ensure your hands keep hydrated & nourished, we recommend re-applying this moisturiser after washing your hands too.

#4 - Hydrate your body on the inside

When the temps are cooler, it’s so easy to neglect our water intake. But regardless of what we do to prevent our skin from drying out, if we aren’t hydrating our bodies internally then we don’t have much chance! So, our theory is that if you can’t keep up the total 2 litres of water a day, make up for it with herbal teas instead!

#5 - Dial up the nourishing skincare

While nourishing skincare is an all-year-round necessity for us, it’s still important to switch out any products that aren’t providing that rich hydration to the skin, OR add more to keep up with the levels your skin requires. As always, ditch any harsh foaming cleansers or high pH soap bars - the alkalinity will strip away your skin’s natural protective barrier, causing your skin to dry out and become more sensitive. 

For normal to dry / dehydrated skin, we recommend this nourishing skincare ritual throughout the cooler months:

Step 1 - Cleanse (AM/PM)

The Radiance Cream Cleanser is super creamy and perfect for calmly cleansing your skin. Without affecting your natural skin barrier, this cleanser gently removes excess pollution & impurities, while cooling and hydrating (plus it doubles up as a makeup remover!).

Step 2 - Serum (AM/PM)
Opt for the nourishing Restore Serum, this face oil elixir has amazing penetration capabilities, so dehydrated skin soaks it up beautifully without affecting your sebum production. The rich antioxidants and vitamins in this serum will also replenish and plump the skin.
Tip: If you want to maximise your nutrient boost, apply the Kakadu Brightening Serum prior to your Restore Serum daily or when needed. 

Step 3 - Eyes & Lips TLC (AM/PM)
Nourish your eye and lip areas with the Firming Eye Contour Cream twice daily. These sensitive, delicate areas are always the first to show signs of ageing, dehydration and dryness.

Step 4 - Moisturise (AM/PM)
If you alternate between our 2 moisturisers for day & night, we suggest sticking with just the Ultra Rich Moisturiser throughout the colder period, as it has a richer consistency that will deeply hydrate dry skin and lock in moisture. (Ultra Rich pairs beautifully with Restore Serum).

Step 5 - Exfoliate… Gently (1-2 times per week)
Using a gentle exfoliator to remove dead, flaky skin cells will leave the outer layer of your skin fresh and renewed, allowing your daily products to absorb into your skin more efficiently. Our Refining Face Polish contains super soft Jojoba beads to refine the skin, while the AHA rich Lilly Pilly and gentle fruit acids work to dissolve the dull surface build up. Always apply your Refining Face Polish in very soft, gentle motions and use only 1-2 times per week… Over-exfoliation is never recommended, but we should be a little more mindful throughout winter too.

For oily skin, we recommend just switching the Radiance Cream Cleanser out for the Purifying Gel Cleanser & using the Light Hydrating Moisturiser instead of the Ultra Rich Moisturiser.

Giving our skin the attention it deserves and nourishing it with natural effective skincare is always important… But the harsh, cold winter weather can increase the need for a little extra TLC. Implement these tips to have smooth, dewy skin all year round!

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