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Article: 6 Reasons Why Squalane is Your Dry Skin Saviour!

6 Reasons Why Squalane is Your Dry Skin Saviour!

6 Reasons Why Squalane is Your Dry Skin Saviour!

Meet Squalane… A naturally occurring lipid that mimics the skin's natural oil. We love it for its ability to replenish our skin’s oil, but we adore it even more for it’s lush texture that enhances the feel of our products! 

Squalane or Squalene?

Before we introduce Squalane, let’s dig into Squalene… Squalene is produced naturally in our skin cells, it reaches its peak in our teens, and then as we age, the amount of Squalene that’s produced and retained in the body decreases… a decline that occurs in your 20s and 30s, and leaves your skin feeling more rough, dry and prone to premature ageing. 

Thankfully, we can extract Squalene from nature to replenish these levels! After Squalane is extracted it is converted to Squalane, a form of this ingredient that doesn’t oxidise when exposed to air, making it more effective and results-driven for skincare.

Squalane was often traditionally sourced from sharks liver, but rest assured our Squalane is naturally derived from pure sugarcane, making it 100% plant-based and ECOCERT approved.

Squalane derived from Sugarcane

What does Squalane oil do for our skin?

Put simply, Squalane replaces our skin’s natural oil that we lose over time. It does a magical job at replenishing our natural sebum (our skin’s natural oil) while mimicking the same characteristics. Because our body naturally produces this oil, our skin already recognises it, making it more readily absorbed. It does the perfect job of balancing our oil production AND it’s suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive!

How does it enhance the texture of the skincare?

Because Squalane has the same properties of our skin’s natural moisture, it’s super lightweight and doesn’t leave a greasy residue…This lush ingredient allows our products to replenish your skin’s oils without feeling heavy on the skin or creating imbalances in oil production. It creates a silky smooth texture that glides over the skin and absorbs straight in.

Squalane is an amazing natural alternative for cheaper petroleum-based paraffin and silicone ingredients often used in the skincare industry, ensuring our formulations are clean and pure.

Squalane ingredient

What are the benefits to our skin?

  1. Moisturises the skin, leaving it soft and plump
  2. Balances oil production, minimising break-outs
  3. Boosts hydration, minimising the signs of ageing
  4. Locks moisture into the skin to protect our natural barrier
  5. Anti-inflammatory properties to assist and soothe sensitive skin
  6. Boosts antioxidant levels, fighting free radicals that contribute to ageing

How to get your boost of Squalane?

Our vegan Squalane Oil is featured in many of our products and because of its ability to deeply penetrate into the skin, it allows our products to absorb effortlessly leaving that silky smooth feeling. It’s also paired perfectly with other ingredients, including our active botanicals.

Here's our collection of products featuring Squalane: 

To receive maximum benefits of Squalane, we suggest using your choice of the products above, twice daily - morning and evening. With thanks to this beautiful gift from nature, we can supplement our skin’s natural oil with an alternative that works miracles at boosting hydration while feeling gentle and light.

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