Our favourite items this month!

Every week in our HQ, we share our love for different food, home and ritual products with each other... So, we wanted to share our August favourites with you!


Adaptogenic Dark Cacao blend by The Social Alchemy


"I’ve been loving this smooth Adaptogenic Dark Cacao blend by The Social Alchemy, especially on these colder winter days! I heat it up on the stovetop with a coconut & almond blend and add a small dash of our own honey. It honestly warms my entire body, up-lifts my energy and just tastes so goddamn good!
Aside from the taste sensation, it features a few different Adaptogens to help support our nervous system and boost immunity."
Supercharged Food Golden Gut Blend by Lee Holmes.


“I love adding the nutrient rich Golden Gut Blend powder to my breakfasts and smoothies, and I also make delicious warming Golden lattes with it. This blend is focused on supporting healthy digestion, brain health, with the added benefits of the anti-inflammatories in turmeric and silica to support glowing skin!”
Insight Timer


“I've recently enjoyed incorporating Taoist principles into my life. I love how this soft and gentle way of thinking aligns me with nature, relaxes me and allows me to come back to myself. I have found an easy way of learning this in this great app called InsightTimer. It has the best teachers in the world for meditation, relaxation and philosophy.”
Addition Studios Asteroid Oil Burner


“Every morning before work I put a few drops of Calm Blend into my oil burner by Addition Studios, it immediately lulls me into a tranquil state before diving into the day ahead… The scent also takes me back to the blissful Gaia spa treatment."


"A luxurious skin food, that I noticed a significant difference in the feel & texture of my skin in just a week."

- Elizabeth P.