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Article: Buriti Fruit - A long time beauty secret from the Amazon

Buriti Fruit - A long time beauty secret from the Amazon

Buriti Fruit - A long time beauty secret from the Amazon

Why do we LOVE Buriti Fruit? Olivia is passionate about this superfood. Read on to find out why it's a star ingredient in our age defying Restore Serum.

The Tree of Life

Termed "The Tree of Life", the Moriche Palm grows deep in the Amazon forest and bears the Buriti Fruit. When the pulp is cold pressed, this fruit yields a powerful golden-orange oil known locally for its strong health & skin healing benefits. A local staple, Buriti can be found in most local markets along the entire Amazonian basin. 

Supporting native women & community

It is sustainably grown and harvested mainly by Amazonian women, who otherwise would have limited work opportunities. This provides a supplementary source of income to native communities. Harvesting involves gathering the fruit, soaking it, then scraping off the outside scales to prepare for oil extraction.

What are the amazing skin benefits of Buriti Fruit?

The glowing golden hues of Restore Serum are thanks to Buriti Fruit's extraordinarily rich Beta-Carotene levels. In fact, Buriti contains the highest known source of Beta-Carotene, a natural precursor to Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is the #1 anti-ageing vitamin, renewing the skin by speeding up cell turnover. It also contains youth regenerating antioxidants that help protect the cell membrane from free radicals. 

Buriti is also a rich source of essential fatty acids, providing a deep nourishment and moisturisation to the skin. In addition, it provides high levels of tocopherol or Vitamin E, giving further skin healing & antioxidant support.


High in Vitamin C, Buriti oil is known to have skin soothing anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness, sensitivity & alleviating irritation. 

Who would have known these little red fruit are such nutrient powerhouses!

For centuries indigenous women have enjoyed the outstanding beauty benefits of Buriti Fruit. Now you can too with our bestselling Restore Serum.

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