Boost your natural immunity with this superfood

Immunity boosting is high on everyone’s list at the moment, and while we’re aware of the importance of Vitamin C for supporting a healthy immune system, its powerful antioxidants are also a profound skin-healing tool.

Vitamin C can help prevent and even reverse the appearance of free radical damage such as redness, wrinkles and pigmentation. It is also a key component to collagen production in our skin, which ensures moisture and elasticity.

We can increase our Vitamin C intake by boosting our diet with fresh organically grown fruit and vegetables, and supporting the skin with active Vitamin C rich skincare products.


Our heartfelt healing tool is Papaya! Papaya is rich in Vitamin C to boost our immunity and it also contains an enzyme called Papain, which is believed to be a powerful skin-cleanser and healer! Papain is also healing for our digestive system.

Papain is concentrated in unripe (green) Papaya, which is one of the reasons we chose to include Green Papaya enzymes in our Purifying Gel Cleanser and Instant Glow Face Masque. The enzyme is limited in the fully ripe fruit – so we suggest a balance of eating ripe Papaya for its high Vitamin C content (and yummy taste), as well as eating the semi-ripe fruit (if your taste buds can handle it).

Eating half-ripe Papaya and applying it to our skin allows the enzymes to soften and dissolve dead skin cells. The enzymes tighten the skin and support collagen which helps to minimise the look of wrinkles and alleviate skin damage.

Increasing our Vitamin C levels as well as exposing our system to the abundant fruit of Papaya and its medicinal enzymes Papain, will provide antioxidants and create a vibrant and luscious skin barrier. It is synchronistic too, that Papaya are more abundant throughout Autumn and Spring in Australia… Nature must know that they are a beneficial tool to help us transition through the seasons!

    1/2 medium - large papaya (semi or fully ripe)
    The juice of 1/2 lime 
    2 handfuls of frozen mango (or the flesh of 1 whole fresh mango)
    1 handful of fresh mint leaves
    100ml water (if using fresh mango substitute water for 1 - 2 handfuls of ice)

    Blend & Enjoy! 

    Our Purifying Gel Cleanser & Instant Glow Face Masque are rich in Green Papaya enzymes.


    "A luxurious skin food, that I noticed a significant difference in the feel & texture of my skin in just a week."

    - Elizabeth P.