Survive isolation with these 4 wellness tips.

We’re constantly wishing for more time. And, here we are, now gifted with more time at home than we may ever experience again. It’s a new reality that has been a shock to the system, but for some of us, it has been an opportunity to take a break from the usual routine, reflect and set intentions for our desired lifestyle on the other side.

Whether you’re working at home, parenting 24/7, home-schooling the children, or all 3 (sorry!), it’s still likely that we have all gained time by eliminating the travel, daily makeup and multiple outfit changes. This home-bound lifestyle can be an opportunity to focus on ourselves and our daily self-care rituals, even if it means prescribing a little ‘me time’ each day to keep you nourished and fulfilled.


Before we begin each day, take a few gentle moments to breathe deeply, focusing on each inhale & exhale. As our focused breathing moves our mind into a calm state, we take the opportunity to plant the seeds of our intentions for the day ahead. We may prefer to do this mindful practice in bed before rising or create a separate space for this ritual. 


Yes, we’re at home, and without our local studio or gym to go to, but trying to incorporate some daily exercise will really boost the endorphins. Think of this as the divine opportunity to change things up! Take a walk to relish in nature and fresh air. Set-up your own workout space and join in on a LIVE workout on Instagram. Create a mini Yoga studio at home, with your Calm Oil cleansing the air and practice with Gaia’s Head Yoga Teacher Danielle!

Gaia Retreat & Spa are offering a FREE 20-minute yoga sequence to help keep your mind & body in balance. Click this link to get the free download. 


We often begin and end our days with a skincare ritual, but as time is our new best friend, we can bask in these rituals to get the most out of them. With each product you apply, think of this as a mini-facial to purify your mind, body & soul. Relax your facial muscles while massaging the product in small, upward, gentle circular motions. The divine, vitamin-rich Restore Serum is our favourite product for a nourishing facial massage at home. Take a moment for a few deep, restorative breaths. Inhale slowly through your nose, then exhale deeply while visualising mental & physical tension melting away. 

To guide you in creating a skincare ritual tailored to your daily products, we’ve created an individual ritual for our range, which you can find here. 


As the day comes to an end, we may be holding tension from moments throughout. As we finish dinner, chores and the nightly rituals, focus on winding down and calming your mind. Meditation, yoga, socialising (virtually) with friends, reading... Whatever works for you. The current puzzle frenzy is a telling sign that many of us are returning to the more simple leisures to soothe our minds. 

Stay connected with loved ones, reach out to your distant friends and support those around you in need. Together, we’ll get through this. And maybe, our lives at the end of this will be more simple and aligned with what really matters.


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- Elizabeth P.