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Article: Is your skin dry or dehydrated? Avoid these 4 common mistakes.

Is your skin dry or dehydrated? Avoid these 4 common mistakes.
Skin Health

Is your skin dry or dehydrated? Avoid these 4 common mistakes.

Dry or dehydrated skin can often be confused with one another, but it’s important to understand the distinct differences between the two. Avoid these common mistakes that often lead to dehydration so you can treat your skin with the TLC it really needs.

What’s the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

  • Dry skin is a skin type... Often this skin type is permanent and is inherited, however it’s more susceptible with ageing or certain health issues as well. Dry skin has less oil-producing glands and needs oil-rich & cream-based products to protect the skin barrier and lock in moisture. 
  • Dehydrated skin is a skin condition and is likely to be temporary as it’s often caused by seasonal weather changes, overly harsh products or unhealthy diet. This skin condition means the skin is lacking water (not oil), meaning people with oily skin type can suffer from this. The cooler weather, especially the wind can cause dehydrated skin and the skin will feel flaky, dry and itchy. 

As we’re approaching the cooler weather, we’re seeing more and more signs of dehydrated skin among us all. The good news? Dehydrated skin is relatively simple to fix! 

restore serum face oil elixir anti ageing


MISTAKE #1: Harsh Face Cleansing

Using a cleanser that’s too harsh for our skin can eventually lead to dry, itchy and sensitised skin. One common mistake is using regular body bar soap on the face. Most bar soaps designed for the body have a high alkaline pH, full of skin stripping ingredients that dry you out. Over-time this can lead to dehydration and even premature ageing. Alternatively you may be using a foaming cleanser that’s just too drying for your skin. 

Solution: Hydrating cleansers

Swap in a creamy face cleanser that nourishes and hydrates while removing dirt, debris and pollution. Radiance Cream Cleanser gives a luxuriously deep cleanse while delivering moisture and nurturing sensitivity. This cleanser is perfect for normal to dry skin types.

Purifying Gel Cleanser is a gentle formula rich in Aloe Vera to keep the skin hydrated. This cleanser is more suitable for oily to combination skin types.



Avoid the temptation of using a scrub or strong AHA products every day. Although it feels good to remove flaky skin (and the instant effect can be addictive!), over-exfoliating can eventually compromise your skin’s natural barrier and result in Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), leading to skin that is even more inflamed, flaky and irritated.

Solution: Gentle exolifation

Always choose a gentle exfoliating formula to effectively slough away dead skin while keeping your protective layer intact. Limit this step to 1-2 times a week.

Our Refining Face Polish contains gentle jojoba beads with soft, rounded granules and gentle fruit derived AHAs to dissolve dead skin without compromising the skin’s integrity.

Instant Glow Face Masque delivers nutrients, brightens and retains your skin’s precious moisture while gently removing dry build up, leaving it with a luminous, healthy glow.

retreatment botanics refining face polish gentle exfoliant

Mistake #3: Using the bare minimum 

As the weather gets colder our skin changes and it’s important to ensure your products are providing enough nourishment and hydration for your skin.

Solution: Powerhouse Serums

Serums deliver the most active, potent ingredients directly into the skin. Applying a serum before moisturising will powerfully replenish nutrients in your skin and restore hydration. This step is often skipped as many people don’t understand the incredible benefits. For us, serums are a vital part of our daily skin ritual. Here are two options:

Kakadu Brightening Serum: an intensive Vitamin C complex with Hyaluronic acid + Aloe Vera. This lightweight, oil-free serum will restore hydration into your skin. Suitable for all skin types, including oily and combination.

Restore Serum: a vitamin rich face oil elixir, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. If you have very dry, dehydrated skin this oil-based serum is your saviour. Your skin will feel instantly soothed, hydrated and dewy. Once applied, this serum sinks right into the skin without feeling greasy.

Mistake #4: Depriving your body of hydrating foods and drinks.

Throughout winter, it’s easy to stop drinking water and turn to carb-rich comfort foods, but this is the crucial time to add more hydration rich meals & beverages to your diet. 

Solution: Hydration from the inside out

Be mindful to include more leafy greens and veggies, cucumber, celery, papaya, avocado, organic berries and warm hydrating soups. Also ensure you’re limiting your coffee and caffeinated tea consumption to 1-2 cups a day (as they are dehydrating!) and instead hydrate your body with herbal teas and plenty of pure filtered water (minimum 6-8 cups per day). Tip: add a little boiled water to make it easier to drink in winter.

Nourishing our skin throughout the different environmental changes is key to ensuring its receiving the nutrients required to keep hydrated, supple and vibrant. Remember, if you’re dehydrated internally, your skin will be too!

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