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Article: How to de-stress your life & skin with Essential Oils

How to de-stress your life & skin with Essential Oils

How to de-stress your life & skin with Essential Oils

There’s something quite magical about the sensory journey that essential oils take you on, and when we understand the full depth of benefits to our physical, emotional and spiritual self, it’s a journey you’ll want to surrender to on a daily basis. 

The aroma of pure essential oils brings an immediate sense of calm, allowing your stress and anxiety to take a back seat. One of the key benefits of self-care is to open pathways to healing and rejuvenation. We’ve found essential oils are a wonderful tool to encourage our bodies and minds to be more receptive to this process.

Effects of stress on the skin

Our skin is our biggest organ, our barrier and protector. It is also our exterior expression and can be a roadmap to what goes on internally. Studies have shown the Brain-Skin connection and how stress may trigger unwanted skin flares and premature ageing. 

How Essential Oils work

While the heavenly scent of pure essential oils is enough to bring you to a place of serenity, it’s actually the benefits of the individual plant & flower oils that have a stress-relieving effect on our nervous system - the body’s communication channel. The nervous system is responsible for emotions and if it’s imbalanced, it can trigger our stress receptors. Inhaling and topically applying pure essential oils can help to alleviate stress, anxious feelings and sleep disturbances. 

Self-Care as a Connection to Healing

As you begin your skincare ritual, find a moment to take a few deep breaths while applying your products. Relax your face muscles and breathe in the delicate aromas. Enjoy your ‘me time’ while immersing yourself in this new sense of tranquillity. Encourage even more relaxation by mentally saying to yourself "Body, it's our time to relax".

Skin Benefits

As well as incorporating essential oils into your self-care ritual, your skin can also benefit from their therapeutic qualities. All of our skincare products are free from synthetic fragrances and contain 100% pure, high quality essential oils - subtle enough to nurture sensitive skin while allowing you to deeply benefit from the calming effects.

  • Bergamot (bergaptene free) - The Playful
    Mental / Emotional Benefits: Mood enhancing and promotes feelings of joy.
    Skin Benefits: Soothes dry skin, balances natural oils and visibly minimises redness.

  • Rose - The Soother
    Mental / Emotional Benefits: Soothes emotions, headaches and helps to balance hormones.
    Skin Benefits: Hydrates and calms sensitive skin, soothes redness and irritation.

  • Grapefruit - The Uplifter
    Mental / Emotional Benefits: Re-energises after prolonged stress and feelings of exhaustion.
    Skin Benefits: Purifies & clears the skin and promotes even skin tone.

  • Orange  - The Purifier
    Mental / Emotional Benefits: Helps to alleviate anxiety and tension.
    Skin Benefits: Anti-pollution, supports collagen and smoothes the skin.

  • Australian Sandalwood  - The Grounder
    Mental / Emotional Benefits: Calming, grounding and soothing.
    Skin Benefits: Deeply hydrating, firms the appearance of wrinkles and evens skin tone.

You’ll find these oils in our daily essentials: Purifying Gel Cleanser, Cream Cleanser, Refining Face Polish, Ultra Rich Moisturiser, Kakadu Brightening Serum and Restore Serum.

  • Geranium - The Clarifier
    Mental / Emotional Benefits: Helps to reduce fatigue, encourages mental focus.
    Skin Benefits: Boosts antioxidants and minimises the look of fine lines & wrinkles.

  • Lavender - The Stress Cruncher
    Mental / Emotional Benefits: Calms the nerves and improves sleep quality.
    Skin Benefits: Calming, anti-microbial and moisturising.

  • Mandarin - The Eleviator
    Mental / Emotional Benefits: Reduces nervous tension and calming
    Skin Benefits: Balances sebum & skin oil and targets blemishes.

These oils feature in our Light Hydrating Moisturiser, Instant Glow Face Masque and Wild Kakadu Hand & Body Cream.

You can also incorporate our Calm Signature Blend into your daily self-care ritual. This scent is designed to be used in a diffuser or oil burner. Featuring Australian Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Lime and Mandarin, it restores a sense of calm and tranquillity within your home. Calm blend was carefully developed over many years by the knowledgable therapists at our Gaia Day Spa in the healing hinterland of Byron Bay. This collaboration has led to a truly effective unique blend that guides our guests, time and time again, into a deep state of blissful surrender. 

Every moment begins with an inhale. Essential oils remind us to cherish each and every one.


* Our products are subtly scented with gentle essential oils and are 100% free from synthetic fragrances. Most customers with sensitive skin have reported truly positive feedback that their skin feels soothed and calm after using our products. However, as every skin is unique we always recommend patch testing before use. If you have allergies or any specific skin concerns, please read the ingredients list and consult with your medical professional before use.

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