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Article: Interview: Barre Body founder, Emma Seibold

Interview: Barre Body founder, Emma Seibold

Interview: Barre Body founder, Emma Seibold

Emma Seibold is the founder & creator of the well-loved Barre Body. With over 9 studios around Australia, her life can get a little chaotic! 

We sat down with Emma to find out how she nurtured the business through COVID and gain insight into her morning ritual that shapes the day. 

Plus, Emma filmed a beautiful Morning Brightening Yoga routine just for you! 

Q: For those of us that aren’t aware, can you tell us a little about Barre Body?

Barre Body is a labour of love for me! I started it 9 years ago after my son was born. I had been incorporating barre movements into my yoga practice while I was pregnant and then postnatally and I saw the most amazing results in terms of strength and fitness and so we decided to open a studio. Barre is such an incredible full body 360 degree workout program that ticks all the boxes - flexibility, core strength, toning, mindfulness and gentle cardio. We have studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay as well as a huge online fitness community (new classes online every day) and teacher training programs in Barre and Pilates. I loved it 9 years ago and I love it now! 

Emma Seibold Barre Body

Q: You have turned your greatest passion into a huge business success, what has been your biggest motivator along the way?

It’s hard to choose between passion (for wellness) and freedom (working for myself), but I think I would choose passion. I really love what I do and am so proud of what we have created with Barre Body. Every work day is a joy for me and (I hope) my team. I also love the freedom that it allows me to work from home and be my own boss. 

Q: As a business owner in health & fitness, this year would have no doubt been a challenging one, but you’ve come out on top with an amazing online offering (of course!)… How do you adapt to these challenging times so well?

Oh yes! It’s been a very challenging year. We were very fortunate that we already had a huge digital offering when Covid hit. Barre Body Online was already a thriving platform with over 200 on-demand classes so we were lucky that we could just add to that and make it bigger and better. We added a full schedule of livesteam classes each day and our community has grown and grown. We also offer our Teacher Training programs fully online and that has been such a convenient way for people to start a new career while they are in lockdown. 

Emma Seibold Barre Body Bende

Q: So, with over 9 Barre Body studios across Australia and the online platform, how do you prioritise me-time and avoid burn-out? Any secrets on how to really switch off?

I meditate every day. I know it probably sounds cliche, but it really does make all the difference to me. It brings me patience, perspective and quietude. I am a big walker too; walks on the beach, Byron Bay lighthouse walks, and walks around Mullumbimby where I live. I also try to take weekends off to be fully present with my little ones. Working from home means it’s important to draw a line in the sand between work and rest. 

Q: Have you always been so invested in your health and wellbeing, or was there a pivotal moment in your life that led you in that direction?

I have exercised consistently since I was about 20 and in my early twenties, wellness really became my true passion and I’ve invested in study and development (and business!) in that area ever since. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. Nowadays, I am also really interested in the science of happiness and leadership and so my personal development is heading in that direction.  

Emma Seibold Barre Body Bende Byron Bay

Q: Can we gain insight into your morning ritual, what does it look like and does it shape the rest of your day?

Yes, I love talking about this. I go to bed very early these days as I decided I was wasting the evenings with mindless TV watching. I wake up between 4.30-5am and meditate for 20 mins. Then I do a 10 min practice that encompasses gratitude, prayer, forgiveness & compassion, and visualisation/manifestation. It sounds like a lot, but I get through it pretty quickly. Then I will either do a little personal development, work (if I have a lot on) or exercise, depending on when my babies wake up. I LOVE mornings. Then I have a long cuddle with each of the children before I start the hustle of the day; getting them ready for school and out the door. 

Q: Who would you say are two of your greatest inspirations and why?

My beautiful mumma is one. She died three years ago and taught me pretty much everything about life, kindness, generosity, strength and being a good person. At present, I’m also really inspired by Glennon Doyle (author of Untamed - my fave book of the moment) as she is a voice for women (anti-patriarchal and anti-unfairness essentially) and she’s not afraid to break the mould and call out things that she doesn’t agree with. 

Q: What’s your favourite Retreatment Botanics product (if you can name just one)?

I can name just one, but it’s a very difficult call! I was fortunate enough to be sent most of the range and I have fallen in love with it. It has replaced all of my skincare products and I’ve been using it morning and night for the past few weeks and I’m completely converted! If it had to pick a fave, it would be the Restore Serum. I put it on at night and it feels like such a luxury and treat. 

Emma’s Morning Brightening Yoga Routine

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