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Article: Interview: Kate Dalton, Mayde Tea Founder

Interview: Kate Dalton, Mayde Tea Founder

Interview: Kate Dalton, Mayde Tea Founder

We would love to hear about your journey to become a Naturopath and learn more about Mayde Tea, which was born out of this career path… 

Mayde Tea is an organic tea business that I founded in 2013. I was studying Naturopathy & Nutrition at the time and quickly became obsessed with the effect that plant medicines have on the body. While studying, I used a lot of herbs myself to support digestion, improve sleep and lessen anxiety. I was ingesting these herbs in a tincture, and I started experimenting with making these same formulations in the gentler, yet effective form of organic herbal teas... I had incredible results! 

From there, Mayde Tea (somewhat unintentionally!) was born. I believe so deeply that our bodies have an innate ability to heal itself, and plant medicine has many unique mechanisms in which it brings the body back to optimum health. I feel so fulfilled spending my days sharing this magic with my community.

I use evidence-based research to formulate our blends. Each blend has a particular body system or body process that it is aimed at supporting. I first collate the appropriate herbs that I could put into the blend, work out the amounts needed to have a therapeutic effect, and then, of course, play with the recipe to achieve a beautifully balanced flavour. I love being able to discuss each of our ingredients and their benefits in such depth to our audience - I think this helps to give the brand integrity and builds a profound trust with our customers.

Were you immersed in the healthy and clean lifestyle growing up, or is it something you were drawn to later on in life? 

If I'm honest, my unhealthy teenage years are what lead me to a (very long) journey of healing myself both mentally and physically. I surprisingly hadn’t drawn a connection between my unhealthy lifestyle and my myriad of health problems! It wasn't until I saw a naturopath myself, who guided me to implement dietary changes, lifestyle interventions, herbal medicine and supplementation to improve my health issues.

I was so excited to have learnt what our bodies are capable of doing - given the right tools, so I enrolled into a private college to study a health science degree majoring in naturopathy and nutrition and it is the best decision I have ever made. Being able to deeply relate to, and support my clients is so fulfilling for me.

We love educating people on the importance of natural ingredients vs synthetic, could you share how this is relevant for tea too? 

I truly believe that tea should be consumed how nature intended- and that is in its most natural state, loose-leaf, organic and without unnecessary additives. I of course adopt this into the rest of my life including the food that enters my body and the products that I put on my skin. Unnecessary chemicals and additives are harmful to the body, including being disrupting to the endocrine system and digestive system- so although it is inevitable that they will enter my life, I avoid these as much as possible.

Can we gain insight into your morning ritual, what does it look like and does it shape the rest of your day? 

I start every day with a 20-minute meditation, exercise, a healthy breakfast and getting outdoors before I start my day of work. Throughout the day I always take scheduled breaks to eat, to ensure I am sitting mindfully with my meals to support digestion. I’ll also pull back from work throughout the day and sit consciously with a cup of tea, especially if work feels overwhelming.

The blend I choose depends on how I’m feeling that day - if it’s a busy day I’ll have Serenity to support my nervous system, Energise if I’m needing some natural energy maintenance, or I’ll sip on our Digest blend if my digestion is needing support. I meditate for another 20 minutes in the afternoon once I’ve finished work and this is when I wind down. Every single night I drink our serenity blend while I'm winding down before bed.

You live such a full life with your beautiful family, naturopath business and Mayde Tea, how do you manage to stay calm and centered, and prioritise YOU time? 

It certainly does not come easy and this is something I am constantly working on. I have one scheduled Mayde Tea work day per week, where I meet with my staff and tick off most of my Mayde Tea work. This of course flows into other days of the week where I work while Alfie sleeps, at night time or wherever I have a spare minute! I also see naturopath clients one full day per week, and this brings further research that I squeeze in throughout the week. 

I am mindful of not being on emails or my phone when I am with my family. My partner and I talk about this a lot! We each have a business which we love, so life can get busy! Our biggest priorities are each other and our daughter. We have had to restructure our week many times since having our daughter Alfie to make sure we have a manageable work-life balance.

Who would you say are two of your greatest inspirations and why? 

My partner and my daughter. They both inspire me to slow down, appreciate the little things, not take life too seriously, and to love with all of my heart, unconditionally. 

What’s your favourite Retreatment Botanics product (if you can name just one)? 

This is a tough one but I am loving the Instant Glow Face Masque! I love the ritual of applying a face mask, just the application feels so nourishing to me! The gentle exfoliation of this mask has helped my skin so much, leaving it clearer, more hydrated and smoother. I love using this on a Friday afternoon as a part of my winding down and relaxation time before bed. 

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