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Article: Jacinta’s Skin Journey

Jacinta’s Skin Journey

Jacinta’s Skin Journey

Jacinta Padgett, Environmental Scientist, Author and long-term Retreatment Botanics customer has a pretty special skin journey to share with you! Jacinta first started using our products in 2018 and saw drastic improvements to her skin health and overall appearance. 


“Before I found you, I had issues with my skin being quite dry. I suffer from an autoimmune condition, which can be quite harsh on my skin and I struggled to find a product that I was happy with. Particularly, my forehead would break out in very dry areas that would peel no matter what I did to prevent it. I also had lines around my mouth and eyes (as we all tend to get).


Dry skin occurs as the skin’s natural oils and moisture deplete. There are many contributing factors to this, but most commonly it’s caused by cold weather, low humidity and ageing. These factors all lead to water evaporation, which results in skin dryness and fine lines becoming more apparent (remember, moisture in the skin = plumpness). 

Immune issues can also exacerbate dry skin (although less common), by causing the immune system to mistakenly target and attack healthy skin cells, resulting in inflammation and moisture loss.

“Since using your skincare (particularly the Ultra Rich Moisturiser for my specific issues) my skin glows. I have noticed a reduction in the lines on my face and at (almost) 50 years old I don't feel I actually look my age. My skin feels supple to touch and I don't suffer from the dryness I had before." 


There were 3 priorities at the top of Jacinta’s list: replenish moisture levels, reduce inflammation and target the signs of ageing. Here’s how our products achieved all 3 things:

    1. Replenish moisture
      Our products contain active nutrients extracted from plant oils, which form a protective barrier to help trap and retain moisture in the outermost layer of the skin.

    2. Reduce inflammation
      The unique compounds in our formulations contain anti-inflammatory properties which work to reduce redness and promote smoother & healthier skin.

    3. Target the signs of ageing
      Our bio-available ingredients reach the skin well below the surface, targeting at the deeper cellular level. With an abundance of hydrating and moisturising lipids and active extracts, the skin is full of moisture to plump and visibly improve fine lines and wrinkles.

“As an environmental scientist I love the ethos of your company and the fact you actively work to not only provide beautiful products (which actually do what they say!), but also tread lightly on, and respect, Mother Earth by making your products toxic free”.


This ritual is recommended for dry, mature or sensitive/inflamed skin.

DAILY (AM and PM):

  • Radiance Cream Cleanser 
  • Kakadu Brightening Serum 
  • Restore Serum
  • Firming Eye Cream
  • Ultra Rich Moisturiser 

WEEKLY (1-2 times): 

  • Refining Face Polish
  • Instant Glow Face Masque

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