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Article: 3 tips for achieving your spring GLOW!

3 tips for achieving your spring GLOW!
Skin Health

3 tips for achieving your spring GLOW!

Following months of exposure to the cold winter temperatures, it’s no surprise your skin is feeling dry, not to mention looking dull and lack-lustre. With Spring now here, it's time to transition your skin into the spring glow! 

3 ways to achieve your spring glow:

#1 - Hydrating cleansers

Always begin with cleansing, it’s the key step of your ritual to clean your skin, removing impurities, excess oil and pollution.

Our hydrating, pH balanced Purifying Gel Cleanser and Radiance Cream Cleanser nurture your skin’s natural barrier, balances oil production and removes makeup.

How to use: Throughout the warmer months, we suggest using Purifying Gel Cleanser in the morning and Radiance Cream Cleanser in the evening. Apply the cleansers to wet skin , gently massaging in circular motion, and remove with a wet muslin cloth. Use daily.


#2 - Gentle exfoliation to renew

It's important to exfoliate the dull, dry winter layer away to allow the fresh new skin to come through. With 3 powerful exfoliating products, it's hard to choose a favourite and we love combining them for complete skin renewal:

1. Our Ageless AHA Glow Concentrate is an exfoliating powerhouse, containing Lactic Acid to clear clogged pores and improve skin cell renewal, Niacinamide (vit b3) to help strengthen the skin barrier and a unique Pre/Probiotic Complex to support the healthy micro biome in the skin.

How to use: Apply 5-6 drops to freshly cleansed skin, patting into your skin with your hands & leave on. Use AM & PM daily.

2. Our Refining Face Polish is both a physical and chemical exfoliant - drawing on the power of AHA rich Lilly Pilly and gentle fruit acids (chemical) and soft eco-friendly Jojoba beads (physical). This polish will melt away the dull surface build up, draw out any excess impurities after cleansing and gently refine the skin to reveal that luminous fresh layer.

How to use: Apply this polish to wet skin, gently massaging in circular motion. Wait a minute or 2 so the acids have time to work and then rinse and remove with a wet muslin cloth. Use 1-2 times per week.

3. Our Instant Glow Face Masque is renowned for achieving brighter, glowing skin, but it also gently exfoliates with a unique formula of AHAs derived from papaya enzymes and fruit acids. The hydrating nutrients and phyto-actives replenish your skin’s natural moisture and leave it silky smooth and bright.

How to use: Apply a smooth, even layer of Instant Glow Face Masque to freshly cleansed skin with a delicate brush, avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave on the skin for 20-30 minutes before removing with a wet muslin cloth. Use 1-2 times per week.

#3 - Nutrients & Antioxidants

Our potent phyto-active rich serums are non-negotiable all year round for healthy, nourished and youthful skin. They deliver a boost of intensive moisture, vitamins and antioxidants in a highly concentrated formula.

If you’ve dropped your Kakadu Brightening Serum in the cooler months, now is the time to bring it back in. This intensive vitamin C serum will nurture your skin throughout warmer climates and periods of sun exposure, diminishing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, sun spots, loss of elasticity, dullness and uneven skin tone.

How to use: Gently massage 2-3 pumps of Kakadu Brightening Serum into the face, neck and décolletage, AM & PM daily.

Restore Serum layers beautifully on top of Kakadu Brightening Serum. A potent vitamin-rich face oil elixir that absorbs deep into the skin leaving no greasy residue on the surface. This serum is your secret to that dewy, spring glow!

How to use: Gently massage 3 drops into the face, neck and decolletage, AM & PM daily.

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