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Article: Things we love - Spring Edition 2023

Things we love - Spring Edition 2023

Things we love - Spring Edition 2023

It's spring again - a time of rebirth as nature reawakens and fills us with fresh energy. Here are just a few of the things we are loving as we embrace the new season!


Noelaine (Operations)

Barebones Harvesting & Gathering Bag

Spring brings anticipation as I wait for my rose garden to bloom and the delicious scent that they bring. This gathering bag is excellent for foraging and harvesting cut flowers and produce, especially as it is made from water-resistant canvas and a water-tight removable liner.
Emma (Production)

Ceramics By Alice

Ceramics by Alice is my new favourite mug for my morning ritual. Her exquisite pieces are meticulously crafted using natural colours, emobdying sustainability and the art of slow, waste-free practices. She make small runs so be sure to follow her on instagram for her release dates on instagam ~ @aliceinbyroncreative

Nikki (Marketing)

Flow Hive Pollinator House

Bees (honey, bumble & native) play a crucial role in pollinating plants which helps produce our entire food supply. We can't eat fresh foods without thanking our bees, which is why I love helping the ecosystem - we have 4 beehives at home, allowing our entire neighbourhood's gardens to benefit from their pollination. We also have this sweet little Pollinator House nestled in our vege garden which is a resting place for solitary bees. Flow Hive donate 100% of profits from this box to support pollinator advocacy groups. 
Leticia (Design)

Kim Lyons Pottery Bird Feeder

This hanging bird feeder makes the perfect refueling stop for all the native birds that have been visiting my balcony and garden recently. I love supporting Australian makers and this piece is beautiful in its unique, simple form in hand thrown clay.


Emma. S (Social Media)

Hydroflask Water Bottle

My must-have item is my stainless steel Hyrdoflask water bottle. It makes staying hydrated so easy, plus it can be used for hot drinks - and it's leak-proof- so it's has traveled the world with me!

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Sticky Date Pudding Recipe

Sticky Date Pudding Recipe

Traditional dessert that has been reinvented without the refined sugars, but still full with flavour!

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