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Article: Our Favourites This Month (January)

Our Favourites This Month (January)

Our Favourites This Month (January)

As the holiday season is nearing an end, it’s time to re-focus on ourselves and set our intentions for the year ahead… We are excited to share some new additions to our daily lives that help us to do exactly that! 
Welcome to our first ‘Things We Love’ edition for 2021.


Magic Of I 2021 Astrology Planner Diary


I love my Astrology Planner, it’s my daily diary with the added benefit of an in-depth introduction to astrology. The visuals and how-to guides in this planner make everything so easy to understand and I love living a life aligned with the cosmos!
Yogi Nectar Drinks


I am a huge believer in live probiotics - it has done wonders to every aspect of my life from skin, to mood and sleep. I have come to learn that my body much prefers the short fermentation process of kefir to kombucha, and Yogi Nectar has just nailed it in terms of flavour. Citrus is my absolute favourite! 
Bare Blends Bare Greens Powder


This greens power is one of my can't live without products. This blend is filled with freeze-dried organic green vegetables, grasses, algae, fruits and Japanese matcha green tea. It supports my active lifestyle and provides my body with potent vitamins and minerals. I add it into my daily smoothie or by itself for an instant health shot.
BERRY MYRTLE TEA by Kakadu Plum Co


A Retreatment Botanics customer actually recommended this brand to me, and I can’t thank her enough. All ingredients in this tea are native plants sourced from businesses run by Indigenous Australians. I LOVE sipping on this tea, especially after meals. The Berry Myrtle flavour is refreshing and just gorgeous!

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Raw Chocolate Walnut Fudge Recipe

Raw Chocolate Walnut Fudge Recipe

This raw chocolate walnut fudge is so creamy & delectable, while packed with skin enhancing benefits.

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Interview: Amelia Lane Paper Founder, Chanel White

Interview: Amelia Lane Paper Founder, Chanel White

Inspiring Interview: Chanel White, owner of Amelia Lane Paper.

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