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Article: Our Favourites This Month (November)

Our Favourites This Month (November)

Our Favourites This Month (November)

We had a thought that perhaps it’s a little too close to the holiday season to be focusing on things that we are loving for ourselves… But, when you truly appreciate the value of self-care and self-love in each day, it allows you to understand that focusing on yourself should be all year-round!
So, here’s our new favourites that we’re loving this month.


Bowie Bracelet Love Isabelle Jewellery


I have recently discovered this brand 'Love Isabelle Jewellery' and love their approach to fashionable quality jewellery! My favourite piece at the moment is the Bowie Bracelet. They have become a staple for every outfit and I feel that when I wear the perfect jewellery it makes my outfit complete.  They are inspired by texture, architecture and nature, and their process is 'intuitive, considered and virtuous; each piece thoughtfully designed to inspire confidence.' 
Sol Cleanse Juice Cleanse


Juice Cleanse by Sol Cleanse

I recently finished a 5 day juice cleanse with Sol Cleanse and I’m feeling SO renewed both mentally and physically. I’m a big advocate for yearly cleansing ~ to come back to an equilibrium. Eating healthy everyday is so important to me and although our bodies do an amazing job at self-healing, there are other aggressors (environment, air pollution, chemicals, stress etc) at play. Overtime, these create a build-up of toxins, so giving your body the chance to eliminate this excess, maintains a level of balance.. And you feel amazing! 
This Little Marionette decaf


Sugarcane Decaf Coffee by This Little Marionette

 What a surprise, totally life changing. This Little Marionette decaf is just too good. I have never tasted a decaf that left feeling like this. Full bodied rich coffee taste and aroma. It is decaffeinated using the mountain water process with locally grown sugarcane from Manizales, Colombia.
Nuni Wellness Boob Oil


Nuni Boob Oil by Nuni

This month I have really been loving my 'Nuni Boob Oil'. It's a beautiful blend of botanical oils which I apply every night before bed and have found that it improves any hormonal tenderness throughout the month. The nightly ritual of applying this oil also helps to maintain awareness around my breast health.

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How to gift skincare for every skin type

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Gaia’s Superfood Salad Recipe

Gaia’s Superfood Salad Recipe

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